West Virginia Women Call for Peace in Honor of Motherís Day

Charleston, WV – Local mothers, daughters, and wives join with women in over 20 cities nationwide to commemorate Motherís Day by asking for our troops to come home.

On May 6th, the Friday before Mother’s Day, women reclaim the original sentiment of the holiday by demanding, “Bring Our Troops Home Now,” on Brawley Walkway across from the Town Center Mall from noon until 1 o’clock pm.

Inspired by Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation, written in 1870, calling for women to rise up and oppose war in all its forms and work together for peace and disarmament, West Virginia Patriots for Peace holds a vigil to commemorate the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Local women show support to the mothers who will be spending Mother’s Day mourning the loss of their children to the war as well opposition to future conflicts and a military draft.

“Mother’s Day is not a Hallmark Holiday,” says local organizer Lida Shepherd, “but rather a tradition started during the Civil War by a mother mourning the tragedies of war, and calling on all women to rise up against them. Today we are reclaiming the true meaning of this holiday and demanding our loved ones be brought home.”

At the event, women will hold the Wall of Remembrance, listing the name of every soldier killed in Iraq. They will be dressed in pink as will the thousands of other women nationwide mobilized by the Women for Peace organization, CODEPINK.