Thousands Expected For DC Peace Rally

A coordinator with West Virginia’s Patriots for Peace group says this weekend could bring the largest march against the War in Iraq to date. Patriots for Peace will be among the expected thousands of people marching on Washington, D.C. starting Saturday.

“We’re absolutely seeing an increase in interest in our organization and the end of the War in general,” says Richard Martin who is with West Virginia Patriots for Peace, one of the groups that will march on Washington this weekend. “A lot of people are saying this is going to be the big one on the Iraq War. We’re expecting, certainly, a few hundred thousand people. Some people are talking about as much as half a million.”

Martin says at least a hundred people will make the trip to Washington from Morgantown with hundreds of others coming from throughout the state, everywhere from Clarksburg to Lewisburg to Beckley and Parkersburg.

“As the reasons for going to war turned out, repeatedly, to have been based on false premises, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people who are opposed to continuing to stay over there,” says Martin.

The West Virginia delegation will meet Saturday morning at ten on the eastern end of the Vietnam Memorial Wall before joining that afternoon’s march. The delegation will stay in the Nation’s Capitol until Monday when they’ll lobby West Virginia’s Congressional delegation.

United for Peace and Justice is the national group coordinating this weekend’s activities over a total of three days, all devoted to showing opposition to the War.