West Virginia Patriots for Peace asks WV Congressional Members and Candidates to endorse Exit Strategy for Bringing Troops Home

Charleston, WV – Exit strategy outlines concrete steps to improve the situation in Iraq and set the stage for all U.S. troops to come home safely and with honor by December 31, 2007. Today West Virginia Patriots for Peace held a press conference announcing a plan for an immediate measured withdraw of all troops, military…Read More

Local Peace Activists WHY 2K?: Observance Vigil For 2000 US Military Fatalities in Iraq

Charleston, WV – In recognition of yesterday’s announcement of the 2000th fatality of American forces in Iraq, the West Virginia Patriots For Peace is sponsoring an Observance Vigil to honor our fallen soldiers and to ask “WHY 2K? 2000 fatalities – how many more?” A spokesperson for the West Virginia Patriots For Peace says that…Read More

Local Organizations Sponsor Discussions About Military Recruiting

Charleston, WV – In the wake of the nationwide controversy surrounding Army recruiting practices, West Virginia Patriots for Peace and other local organizations sponsor public discussions and training programs on the “rights and risks” of military service. On Friday, June 3rd at 7pm, Bill Galvin, Counseling Coordinator for the DC-based Center for Conscience and War,…Read More