“Freedom Fries” lawmaker’s U-turn – A pro-Iraq war US congressman who campaigned for French fries to be renamed “freedom fries” is now calling for US troops to return home from Iraq

Republican Representative Walter Jones is to introduce legislation demanding a timetable for the withdrawal. The renaming of fries in Capitol Hill’s cafeterias in March 2003 expressed disapproval among some US lawmakers with France’s opposition to the war. French toast was also re-branded “freedom toast”. “I voted for the resolution to commit the troops, and I…Read More

Groups host forum on military recruitment

More than 50 people gathered at St. John’s Episcopal Church June 3 to discuss military recruitment methods and rights of military personnel. But military officers weren’t presiding over this meeting – only concerned civilians. “Their priorities have been getting people signed up, ” said Paul Sheridan, board member of West Virginia Patriots for Peace. “So…Read More

Army Recruiting Halts for a Day in May

The Army will halt its recruiting efforts for one day this month to allow commanders to emphasize proper conduct following apparent excesses, Army officials said Wednesday. The stand-down will take place May 20, said Douglas Smith, an Army spokesman. Army officials said it would affect almost all 7,500 recruiters at 1,700 stations around the United…Read More

Iraq debate at UC

How long should the United States stay in Iraq? “One more year,” said David Mills, associate professor of Middle East history at Marshall University. But he doubts he’ll get his wish. “I would hope we would [withdraw],” Mills said Monday night at a forum sponsored by the University of Charleston. “But I don’t think we…Read More