Buying Auto Insurance in WV

If you own a car, you need auto insurance.  At least in West Virginia you do; it’s actually the law.  What does auto insurance do?  Vehicle insurance protects you and your vehicles in the event that you are involved in an accident.

How do you find WV auto insurance?  The best way to find the right auto policy for you is to request quotes online at  Requesting an insurance quote is relatively an easy process.  There are dozens of insurance companies that do business in your state.  You can contact the insurance companies that you want to get a quote from and request one or often times you can find an online website that will allow you to request quotes from multiple companies by filling out and submitting one online form.  Honestly, the second option can really be a time saver and you will receive your quotes straight to your inbox.

There is some information that you will need to have to request a quote.  You will need to know some basic information on yourself and any drivers in your household.  You will need all driver’s license numbers, ages and DOBs.  Along with the basics on each individual, you should also know if they have ever been involved in an accident and the date that the accident took place.  Most West Virginia auto insurance companies will also want to know if you or any other drive that will be on the policy has had any moving violations/ traffic tickets.  You should also be prepared to give information on all vehicles that are to be insured under the policy; year, make, model and VINs will be needed.  The insurance company will also need to know if you own your vehicle or if there is a lien holder that needs to be listed on the policy.  Often times if you have a loan for your vehicle, the bank or financial institute will require that you carry full coverage insurance. Full coverage insurance includes comprehensive and collision insurance; both of which are add-ons to policies.  The state of WV only requires that you carry insurance to cover other vehicles, individuals and property in the event you are involved in an at fault accident.

When you start receiving your West Virginia auto insurance quotes from, you will want to look over them very carefully to see what options are on the policy.  Not all insurance companies are alike and not all policy are the same.   You will want to pick a policy that has all the options that you are looking for, at a price that you can afford and feel comfortable with.