2015 Action Alerts

Local Town Halls on the Iran Deal

Over the past several weeks, WV-CAG and WVPP have been participating in local events, debates, and media to support the Iran Nuclear Deal; while many outside groups have been doing the same in opposition. We’ve never seen this level of pressure from outside of the state, besides during an election year, on a WV member of Congress over a vote like this.

West Virginians need to contact Sen. Manchin in support of the deal, and throughout the next week, we have several opportunities to do so! Below are three upcoming local events concerning the Iran Deal. We hope to see several of you show up in support of the deal!

Calls needed Now to stop War with Iran!

Senator Manchin is undeclared right now on the upcoming Senate vote on the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

He leans toward supporting the Agreement, but the opposition is well-organized and well-funded, and pushing him hard to vote against it.

We need to generate 1,000 contacts RIGHT NOW in support of the Agreement.

Please take time NOW to call Senator Manchin’s office near you. Ask him to support of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. It’s our best chance for a new path toward peace, and away from even more war in the Middle East.