2008 Events and Actions

Wednesday,September 24th, join us downtown to welcome the Americans United for Change 28-ton rolling reminiscence

The Bush Legacy Bus (touring the country, powered by Biofuel) is a one-of-a-kind,interactive museum on wheels that displays the disastrous conservative ideology of President Bush and his allies. Through video,guide-by-cell technology, artifacts and more, this bus makes clear that the failures of the Bush Administration were not his alone. They belong to elected officials like Sen. John McCain and Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and the right-wing agenda as a whole.

  • When: Wednesday, September 24th, 11am-1pm
  • Where: Spyro’s parking lot, Dickinson St. (between Lee and Quarrier)

Don’t miss the bus!!

March 18th, 2008

Charleston, WV – Patriots for Peace Call for an End to the War
West Virginia Veteran Memorial, WV State Capitol Complex (Corner of Greenbrier and Washington Street)

Please join WV Patriots for Peace and Citizen Action Group to honor the fallen, and to call for an end to this unnecessary and immoral war. Not one more dollar and not more life can be spared, we must act NOW.

We will gather around the Wall of Remembrance at the WV Veteran Memorial for a brief program, and then march together with signs and noisemakers to the riverside.

Bring your kids (and strollers), bring your friends, and bring a noisemaker of your choice—whistle, pots and pans, drum, tambourine– we need to stand and BE HEARD together.

If you are unable to attend on Tuesday, wear a white armband to school or to work on Wednesday, March 19th to show solidarity with people across the country and all over the world who want this war to end.

WV Events Marking 5th Anniversary of Iraq War

Dear Friend for Peace:

March 19, 2008 marks the 5th year that the US has been mired in the devastating war in Iraq. This week, groups across the state will be observing this sad anniversary by holding events to honor those who have died in Iraq and demand an end to the war.

Your community needs YOU to come out and add your voice to the worldwide call for peace. Please see below for the event happening in your area:


  • Tuesday, March 18th, 5:15 at the WV Veterans Memorial (West Side of State Capitol )
  • West Virginia Patriots for Peace, WV Citizen Action Group and the American Friends Service Committee will set up the ‘Wall of Remembrance’ with a program featuring a local Iraq war veteran, stories from Iraq, and music. The event will be followed by a march to the Kanawha River. Bring your kids (and strollers), bring your friends, bring your hopes for the future and passion for change. ALSO BRING A NOISEMAKER OF YOUR CHOICE! We need to be seen as well as heard.


  • Thursday, March 20th, ALL DAY at Marshall University
  • Students and professors have organized a full day of events. C


Wednesday, March 19th, 4pm at the intersection of Routes 219 & 60 Greenbrier Valley Citizens for Change will display ‘Cost of War’ banners provided by the American Friends Service Committee at the intersection of Routes 219 & 60 in Lewisburg beginning at 4:00pm. The event will also feature and exhibit President Bush’s recent veto of legislation banning torture. Contact Carli Mareneck at (304) 536-3694.


  • Wednesday, March 19th, 5pm in Courthouse Square
  • WV for Democracy will hold a protest to call for an end to the war and dispute the “success” of the troop surge. 


  • Wednesday, March 19th, 6pm on the lawn at McMurran Hall (Shepherd University)
  • The Jefferson County Cost of War Group will hold a candlelight vigil, with live music and speakers. Writing postcards to members of Congress will be encouraged.

WV Patriots for Peace and WV Citizen Action Group Launch Super Tuesday in WV Website

On Sunday, January 27, 2008, at 3:00 pm, Patriots for Peace and Citizen Action Group held a press conference,announcing the launch of a website for a straw poll for the presidential race.

The web-based straw poll will give West Virginia voters a chance to express their choice for a presidential nominee prior to February 5th, when the primary races may be effectively over. In the process we are hoping to underscore the importance of the Iraq War, and its disastrous effects on the economy, as issues in this election.

By holding the press conference at the voter registration office, we wanted to stress the importance of West Virginians casting a real ballot on Election Day and participating in the political process at all levels. The Voter Registration office was closed on Sunday, but we intended our brief gathering there to call attention the fact that many West Virginians feel closed out of the primary process because West Virginia is one of the last five states to hold their primary election.