The West Virginia Patriots for Peace is a grass-roots organization formed in September 2002 with the drafting of a Declaration and Call To Action.

We include Democrats and Republicans and Independents; members of all aspects of the faith community; political activists, people of conscience and pacifists; veterans, housewives and students; union members, the unemployed and the retired. We are your neighbors and your fellow Americans.

What We Believe

WV Patriots for Peace is an organization dedicated to educating and empowering West Virginians to reclaim and defend American values of peace, justice, and democracy at home and abroad.

We call on President-elect Obama and his administration to operate under these five core principles:

  1. Our nation should invest in peace by strengthening civilian agencies working on peace and development issues
  2. Reinvest in healthcare, education, green energy, and green jobs
  3. Give diplomacy a chance
  4. Be a part of global peacebuilding efforts
  5. Create peace through good development and trade policies